Finishing in a wooden house

After completing the installation of the main box of the future home or bath, you need to start finishing work on finishing. After the shrinkage is completed, it is the turn of a whole complex of measures aimed at increasing the internal and external aesthetics of the structure. Finishing work is aimed at improving performance, so they should be given maximum attention and thought out in advance, having prescribed in the construction plan. Modern materials and technologies will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

What kind of work are we doing?

The company provides a full range of necessary finishing work:

  • flooring with insulation;
  • filing of the ceiling with insulation;
  • internal cladding and external wall cladding (siding, block house, timber emulation, euro lining);
  • installation of windows and doors;
  • steam room decoration;
  • furnace installation;
  • roof installation;
  • installation of a drainage system;
  • impregnation with protective wood preservatives;
  • caulking and polishing of walls;
  • laying of facing stone;
  • arrangement of the blind area.

Finishing prices

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Flooring with insulation

Work on flooring with insulation does not belong to the category of complex. However, in order for the floors to be really warm, each stage of work should be carried out correctly and with great care. Only professionals can do everything efficiently and on time. The coating consists of several layers, necessarily includes a layer of insulation and a gap for ventilation. The most popular types of insulation: bulk, roll or plate.

The warm floor cake consists of successively layers:

  1. Vapor barrier;
  2. Overlap;
  3. Insulation;
  4. Counterrail (if necessary, increase the clearance for ventilation);
  5. Floor.

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Filing of a ceiling with warming

The ceiling lining in a wooden house today is used much more often than ordinary bleaching. Various types of materials are suitable for this procedure, therefore, according to the client’s request, any specific properties can be given to the ceiling today. The beams on which the lining is attached can be used not only as a structural element, but also used as an interior detail.

Internal and external wall cladding

For carrying out external and internal wall cladding, various types of materials can be used. Each of them has its pros and cons, so you should take into account all the possible problems and choose the most suitable material.

So, for interior and exterior wall decoration often use:

  • Drywall. It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive material. The resulting surface can be left as a decorative layer or used as a base for tiles, painting, pasting, etc. The most important drawback of the material is its fragility: when decorating large areas, it will be necessary to lay in several layers and use sliding fasteners, otherwise the shrinkage of the house will simply break the entire lining.
  • PVC materials. The material is resistant to any external factors, including shrinkage. However, it is considered harmful and unsafe for health.
  • Lining, block house, wood panels. This type of material has the necessary environmental cleanliness, but requires complex installation and special processing. During operation, it may crack and shrink. This type of finish will require more serious material costs.

Installation of windows and doors

Today, the market has a wide range of different windows and doors. For wooden houses, most often they choose doors and window frames from solid wood. Indeed, in a compartment with the main material, they look organically, but they are quite expensive. Products made of plastic or metal are also suitable for installation in wooden houses, have a lower cost and are able to serve longer. Panel, paneled doors will be the most profitable from an economic point of view, but their service life is much shorter, and the design itself is rather flimsy. Windows and doors can be inserted immediately after the construction of the house is completed, but this must be done in conjunction with special procedures to strengthen the walls.

Steam room decoration

Finishing a steam room is a complex and lengthy process that requires extensive knowledge and extensive experience. Materials for the steam room must be resistant to moisture and high temperatures. Wood in this respect occupies a leading position, for the decoration of steam rooms they use a lining, wooden boards, stone or ceramic tiles. The finishing procedure is started only after the completion of the wiring of all communications and electricity. Before the installation of the final coating, the walls are treated with antiseptic compounds, the cracks are clogged, the surface is leveled using special wooden substrates.

Furnace installation

The installation of the furnace in the house should be carried out taking into account the area of ​​the living space. The installation location is chosen so that all the rooms in the house can warm up as well as possible. When installing the furnace, fire safety requirements should be taken into account, a place for kindling should be organized in the kitchen or hallway. Some types of furnaces require a foundation.

You can see the work of our masters on the page «Stoves and Fireplaces».

If you have not yet decided on a project, then you can see several options.

Roof installation

There is a wide variety of materials used in the installation of the roof.

This type of work includes several main stages:

  • installation of the rafter frame;
  • fixing thermal insulation;
  • installation of waterproofing materials;
  • crate creation;
  • fastening of roofing material;
  • mounting additional and decorative elements of the roof.

Installation of a drainage system

When installing the sewage system, specialists take into account several basic parameters for work: the shape of the roof, as well as the location of the house (meaning the presence of other houses, trees, etc. nearby).

Phased installation of gutters is as follows:

  • first mount hooks for gutters;
  • then carry out the installation of the funnel;
  • next step: installing plugs;
  • laying the gutter;
  • angular and other types of connecting elements are connected;
  • installation of a drainpipe.

Impregnation of wood with protective antiseptics

All protective compounds can be divided into three types of materials:

  • Water-soluble septic tanks (leave the tree completely breathable, but protect the outer layer from moisture);
  • Oil-based antiseptic properties (suitable for use in high humidity conditions);
  • Organic solvent based impregnations are considered universal materials and can be used for external and internal work.

This stage of work is not difficult, but it is important, crucial for the life of a residential building made of wood. The necessary type of impregnation is selected taking into account many factors individually.

Wall heating and grinding

The first caulking of the walls is carried out already at the stage of building the house, the second caulking is carried out after the shrinkage of the house (on average three years after completion of construction). Wall polishing is best done immediately after the second caulk. Grinding is carried out by a grinder or grinder only on a dry log. Materials for hemp are: hemp, felt, moss or tow.

Facing stone laying

It can be carried out both inside the building and outside. Each type of work has its own facing technology and a number of significant nuances. Before facing, the finishers prepare the wall for work: they are leveled and coated with a special primer. Then proceed to lay out the tiles using a special adhesive.

Arrangement of the blind area

The blind area protects the foundation of the house from various influences. A poorly installed blind area leads to premature wear of the foundation, which means that in the future it becomes the main cause of premature destruction of the building. Carrying out this stage of work begins after the completion of construction and decorative finishing of the foundation and basement. During the formation of the blind area, the top layer of the earth together with the active biomass is removed, after which the walls of the trench are carefully compacted and covered with sand or gravel, filled with concrete or asphalt. Note that the blind area performs not only the function of protecting the foundation from moisture, but is also often used as a decorative finish.

If necessary, we will advise what is best suited in a particular situation and help with the choice of material.

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Maintenance of a wooden house

The cost of work depends on the complexity of the order and the volume of activities. The estimate is calculated in advance, so there will be no unpleasant surprises. Finishing work is not recommended to start immediately, if we are not talking about frame construction technologies. Depending on the material used and the dimensions, the shrinkage time changes. It can be 6 months, or maybe 2 years. Our company applies only modern and already proven technologies in finishing works.

Everything's under control

All fasteners need competent and constant maintenance during Residents of private homes have long known that wood requires care. It is in the city in multi-storey “anthills” that there are management companies engaged in technical maintenance, and in their own “palace” all the troubles fall on the owner's shoulders. All fasteners need competent and constant maintenance during operation. If you do not have time for small housework, we can take this function upon ourselves and carefully monitor the condition of your house or cottage.

Why exactly Vitoslavitsa?

Because we have been working on the market for a long time and we know all the nuances of the construction process. Our employees faced the most difficult tasks and found solutions that still work for the customer, making his life in a wooden house as comfortable as possible. We carry out all work related to construction, guaranteeing quality and taking responsibility for your cottage or bathhouse. No need to look for various narrow specialists, we have a whole list of what you definitely need!

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