Profiled beam

Profiled timber is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of country houses, cottages and baths. There are many varieties of it, but most often, future owners of suburban buildings prefer a profiled timber, which is associated with its advantages over other wood building materials.


When using an ordinary beam, the cost of finished construction from it will be 15% higher than the price of a house from a more expensive log. This is due to the need for additional insulation and interior decoration. The use of a profiled beam guarantees the construction of increased thermal performance due to the spike connection of the parts of the home set. Structures from profiled timber after shrinkage do not require thorough caulking, which also allows you to save a little.

High insulating properties

Thanks to the spiked connection of the bars, not only good thermal insulation is provided, but also waterproofing. So, moisture does not get into the seams and does not contribute to the creation of foci of rotting wood.


The walls of buildings made of profiled timber are characterized by almost perfect smoothness, so there is no urgent need for interior and exterior decoration. It is enough to treat the walls with an antiseptic and varnish.

Efficiency of construction

By production of the pro-thinned-out bar the high-precision equipment is used. This allows you to give each part of the house kit the desired dimensions and geometry, which greatly facilitates the subsequent construction of the building. So, houses from profiled timber are suitable for living after 11-15 months from the start of construction.

Building Reliability

Thanks to the spiked connection along the entire length of the bars, the possibility of torsion and shear is excluded, which is a guarantee of increased structural strength and its resistance to various kinds of mechanical loads.

The Vitoslavitsa company carries out the design and construction of houses from profiled timber of natural humidity and chamber drying. Our advantages are:

  • Multifunctionality: we carry out a full list of construction work - from design to engineering communications;
  • Own high-tech production in strict accordance with GOST;
  • Skilled craftsmen;
  • Mandatory warranty on buildings - 3-5 years;
  • Competitive pricing.

Round log

Log - material used in the construction of houses since time immemorial. However, time does not stand still, and the logs, which corresponded to the technical capabilities of their "eras", have been replaced by modern logs. They are distinguished from their technological predecessors by enhanced operational characteristics, due to which they provide a number of unique advantages to the finished building.

Production technology

Using manual processing using an ax and a planer, it is impossible to create a whole house kit, where each log will correspond to the necessary dimensional characteristics. This is precisely the problem of previously used planed, hewn and debarked logs. The cylindering is phased made using high-precision equipment, due to which the logs have the same diameter along the entire length, and each of them is carefully adapted to the adjacent one.

The production technology itself includes the following steps:

  • Removal of bark and bast;
  • Directly cylindering;
  • Grinding in several stages;
  • Milling of laying grooves (standard lunar, Finnish, etc.) necessary for tight fit of logs to each other and prevention of their deformation;
  • Trimming (cutting logs on the parts of the house kit);
  • Cutting cups designed to connect with logs from neighboring crowns;
  • Antiseptic treatment.

Advantages of houses made of logs

  • Thanks to the high-precision machining, the rounded logs are folded into a reliable and durable construction, resistant to all kinds of mechanical loads.
  • Tightness and additional reliability of the joints are ensured by locks, cups, grooves, spikes cut on high-precision machines with laser marking.
  • The diameter of logs, the same along the entire length, and the absence of the need for alternating butt and apical parts, make it possible to erect structures from this material in a fairly short time.
  • Houses made of high-quality cylindering do not need either exterior or interior decoration, because even the most technologically advanced materials are difficult to compete with the beauty of natural wood.

Vitoslavitsa - at home in Slavic traditions!

Our company carries out the construction of houses from logs according to standard and individual projects in the Slavic style. Our advantages are:

  • Own production, which allows us not to overstate the final cost of houses;
  • High-quality implementation of projects, which is possible thanks to highly qualified specialists and first-class materials;
  • A guarantee that makes our customers more confident in the future.

Glued beam

Glued beam is a building material popular today, which is produced by means of longitudinal dense gluing of wooden boards. Most often, coniferous wood lamellas (spruce and pine) are used.

Production technology

At the first stage, the logs are sawn on boards, after which they are carefully dried in special chambers. After drying, the moisture content of the material is only 10-12%. Next is the mechanical processing and removal of various defects, including knots, fungal lesions, resin pockets. After sorting, the lamellas are sent for gluing, for which special compositions and a powerful press are used. Thanks to modern technologies, the boards stick together as tightly as possible, resulting in excellent building material, which has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of glued beams:

  • Glued beam structures practically do not shrink, they are easily and quickly mounted.
  • Due to the lack of shrinkage, you can start decorating as soon as possible, which significantly reduces the construction time.
  • The shape of the material almost does not change over time, the surface is not covered by cracks.
  • The beam has a smooth and even surface, which does not require expensive finishing work.
  • The material is characterized by low humidity, so it perfectly resists the effects of harmful bacteria, fungi and mold.
  • The raw material is environmentally friendly and safe for health, since the production uses exclusively natural components.
  • Glued beams are used for construction projects of any complexity.

Material Features

Glued beams are characterized by very high thermal insulation, which is superior to log cabin, brick and other building materials. Achieving such high performance results from the absence of cracks that contribute to heat loss. An additional heat insulator are layers of glue, which is used in the production process of the material.

Another feature of glued beams is high fire resistance, which is also achieved due to the density of the material, the absence of cracks and cracks. At the same time, when building a house, do not forget that the wooden structure should be additionally treated with special fire-fighting compounds to ensure maximum safety.

Due to the fact that glued beams are aesthetically attractive, the interior and exterior of the house can be omitted, although the walls can be finished with any materials if desired.

Life time

Today it is difficult to say how long they can stand at home from glued beams. The fact is that the material appeared and began to be widely used only a few decades ago, so it is too early to judge its durability. According to the manufacturers, the estimated service life is several centuries, that is, structures made of glued beams can be compared with concrete and brick buildings.

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