Wood is a native Russian material for building houses. In the XXI century, modern technology has brought this type of housing construction to a new stage. They allow you to combine the traditional properties of wood (low thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness, speed of construction) with modern wood processing, which greatly increases the service life of the building. The use of new building materials can increase the comfort of living.

The erection of the roof of the house is one of the main stages of the construction of the cottage. It depends on its quality how many years the house as a whole will stand idle and how warm it will be.

Materials for roofing

The modern variety of roofing materials allows you to build a strong, durable and beautiful roof for any home.

Cement and Sand Tiles

The “heiress” of ceramic clay tiles - a traditional European roofing material. It is made of quartz sand, cement, lime, coloring pigment and water.

High-quality cement-sand tiles are coated on top by spraying, which eliminates the porosity of the material, increases resistance to water and frost, and therefore, durability. The only drawback of the material is the large specific gravity, which requires the strength of the frame of the rafters.

Metal tile

It is made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating. The quality of the material depends on the thickness of the steel sheet and zinc layer, as well as on the type of polymer.

The advantage of metal in the diversity of the profile (colloquially - “waves”) and the color of the finish. Compared to ceramics, such a roof is lighter, cheaper and easier to install.

Soft roof

These are called flexible materials, for the installation of which you need a solid, even base. The advantage of a soft roof is the ease of installation not only horizontally and vertically, but also on rounded surfaces. However, a gain in the price of the roof as a whole will not work - with a relatively cheap finish, the preparation of the base is more expensive.

One type of soft roof is shingles. It is produced not in rolls, but in the form of tiles that are laid on the principle of "fish scale". In structure it is a layer cake made of fiberglass, several layers of special bitumen, an adhesive layer for fixing and a top coat of mineral chips. A feature of installing a roof with a bituminous tile is a minimum slope of 11 degrees. With a smaller slope, there is a chance of water flowing into the joints until the “sintering” of the layers under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Types of modern roofing

There are two varieties in total.

Cold roof

Traditional Russian houses were built with a cold roof. The attics in traditional huts are non-residential premises designed to store things (sometimes for drying clothes in winter), they did not require heating.

The upper floors of the boyars' towers were intended for housing in the summer and also were not heated. In this case, the insulation was laid on the floor of the attic (sawdust was most often used).

If the attic is also planned to be used in the cottage as a utility room in the summer, you can resort to the cold method of installing the roof.

Warm roof

Modern insulating materials make it possible to insulate roof slopes - heat and vapor barrier are mounted under them. This, more expensive, method is used if the subroofing is residential, and allows you to increase the usable area in the house.

The Vitoslavitsa company will help make the right choice of a roof depending on the owner’s plans for using the house (only in the warm season or on an ongoing basis).

Popular roof shapes

The choice of the shape of the roof depends not only on the wishes of the owner, but also the climatic features of the area, as well as the design of the building itself.

Gable Triangular

A traditional Russian view of the roof. It is easiest to build, respectively, it is the cheapest. It is worth paying attention to the angle of inclination of the ramps. If there is a lot of snow in winter, the angle should be at least 40 degrees so that snow drifts on the roof do not accumulate. In windy regions, 25 degrees is enough.

Double-sloping broken (mansard)

The trapezoidal shape of the roof allows you to arrange an almost full room under it - an attic.


A third slope is added to two traditional slopes, most often towards the facade. It is called "hip." Most often it is a decorative element, it looks beautiful and rich.

Masters Recommendations

Since wooden houses shrink over time, the frame mount must be sliding and movable. And most importantly, the rafters need to be treated with agents that protect the tree from decay and fire.

An appeal to professionals from Vitoslavitsa will help solve the problem of any roof, whether it be a country house or a country cottage.

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