Custom design

What is custom house design?

The Vitoslavitsa company is pleased to offer its customers services in creating individual projects of houses and cottages. This service assumes that the customer shares his ideas with an architect who collects them together in order to develop a unique drawing of the house and make the client's dreams come true. The customer takes part in each stage of creating a home so that it reflects his idea as much as possible.

Custom Design Benefits

Individual design, unlike standard design, has a number of advantages, which is why today many try to build unique and original houses. We list the most important advantages:

  • The uniqueness of the project . If you decide to build custom-built housing on an individual project, you can be completely sure that no one else will have such a house. All sketches and drawings are carried out with your direct participation. In this case, you can create with the architect several options for the interior for each room, then to choose the most suitable.
  • Rational use of the site . When creating the project, not only the exterior and interior of the house are studied, but also the landscape of the free territory. You can order various additional buildings, and the architect will make sure that they are placed on the site as rationally as possible.
  • Functionality at home . When developing the project, the architect will take care of the competent communication of all rooms and premises, creating not only beautiful, but also the most functional and comfortable housing.
  • Reliability of the foundation . The design of the foundation takes into account the nuances of the landscape specifically for your site. Specialists will take into account all the features of the terrain in order to create the optimal type of foundation, which will allow you to get a reliable foundation and save money.
  • Three-dimensional model of the house . Individual design involves the creation of a three-dimensional model of the house, so you can see your home outside and inside before it is built.
  • Individual choice of building materials . The client himself chooses the materials for the future home, so that he looks in accordance with his idea and wishes.

Our company offers the creation of unique projects at the most affordable prices in the shortest possible time.

The preliminary design includes: foundation plan, layout, 4 facades, 2 cuts, roof plan, 3D-drawing.

Our architects have real talent and rich experience, so you can rest assured that they will create your dream home for you!

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