Foundations - basement

The main task of the basement floor is to increase the usable area of ​​the building. True, the implementation of this project is expensive and laborious. But buildings with a plinth have clear advantages that overlap with large labor costs and financial investments.

Premises located in the basement provide additional protection of the overlying floors from cold and humidity. However, much will depend on the quality of the construction of the foundation for houses with a basement.

Base types

There are several types of building foundations for the construction of a basement floor.

  • Speaker. This type implies the protrusion of the basement beyond the edge of the main structure. The thick walls of the basement are needed when organizing living space in it. At the same time, the walls of other floors are made somewhat thinner.
  • Westerner. This type is the most demanded, since in this case the foundation base is better protected from moisture penetration, which has a positive effect on operational characteristics.
  • In line with the load-bearing walls. Placing all the walls of a building on the same vertical is not considered a good option, both from aesthetic and technical point of view. To protect the foundation from precipitation and moisture, increased attention must be paid to the waterproofing device, and this also leads to increased financial costs.
Foundations - ground floor
Foundations - ground floor

Before stopping the choice on any version of the basement, one should take into account the occurrence of groundwater, the composition of the soil, the depth of its freezing. You should not save on the arrangement of the foundation, especially if you plan to build a multi-storey building with a residential basement.

What foundation to build?

It is better to entrust the construction of the foundation for the basement to the Vitoslavitsa construction company, you must first contact a surveyor who will give an opinion, on the basis of which it is easier to make the right choice of the foundation foundation.

Block tape

The advantages of this type are the speed and simplicity of construction. This is due to the fact that the main material is prefabricated reinforced concrete blocks. That is, the task of the builders is to put the blocks on top of each other, fastening them with cement mortar.

A tape-type foundation base made of concrete blocks has low waterproofing properties, therefore it is recommended to initially install them not on the ground, but on a prepared monolithic site. In addition, this type of foundation is suitable only for areas where groundwater is deep, and the soil is dense.

Foundations - ground floor - plan
Foundations - ground floor - plan

Concrete tape

This type of foundation is called in another way "monolithic". For its construction, formwork and reinforcement are made up to the required basement height. Then all this space is poured with concrete.

This type of foundation requires the construction of an effective drainage system that will drain water from the foundation. If this is not done, then over time, moisture will begin to destroy the structure.

Door and window openings are planned in advance, communications are carried out. Last but not least, you need to make good waterproofing.


Building a building with a basement floor is an excellent option for those who want to get a house with many rooms, storage rooms and utility rooms in a limited area. However, when planning a foundation, many nuances must be taken into account: from climate to soil composition. Therefore, a serious approach is necessary, it is better not to do without calling a surveyor and a professional team of builders, if it is necessary for the housing to stand for a long time and serve more than one generation of the family.

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