Foundations - combined piled-raft of TISE

One of the types of pile-grillage foundation is the base, which is carried out using the TISE technology. A characteristic difference is the thickening at the end of the pile in a domed shape. The unusual type of piles allows them to be used on heaving soils.


This type of foundation fully justifies its versatility, since it is used on various soils, except for rocky rocks. A building erected on such a foundation can consist of several floors.

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This design shows excellent results on highly loamy soils, where other options are covered with cracks. The TISE foundation is used in areas with increased soil vibration - near railway tracks or highways. Vibration has a destructive effect on columnar foundations, but for TISE it is not dangerous.

Pros and cons

According to professional builders, TISE has many advantages.

  • Accessibility - the foundation requires half the financial and time costs in comparison with full-depth strip foundations. This is due to the small amount of excavation and concrete work.
  • The speed of the construction process.

Фундаменты - свайно-ростверковый ТИСЭ

Any product or design, both pros and cons. And TISE technology is no exception.

  • The use of TISE on muddy or watered soil is excluded. Heavy loads lead to serious damage.
  • High labor intensity when drilling in areas with a rocky base.
  • There is no possibility of arranging a basement under the entire building area.
  • We need a wide blind area around the entire perimeter of the structure.

The TISE foundation, due to its economy and a number of indisputable advantages, is an ideal option for the construction of cottages on several floors.

The nuances of the construction process

For the correct calculation of the foundation, the site is studied and geological surveys are carried out. Then you can start marking the site and drilling wells.

  • First, the site is prepared - the fertile soil layer, unnecessary vegetation are removed and the cast-off is mounted. The next step is to mark the pile field using a hydro level. After that, drilling of wells begins.
  • An important element of TISE is a reinforced frame, the length of which should be 300-400 mm higher than the base of the well for connection to the tape. After installing the reinforced frame, waterproofing is performed. Roofing material is suitable for this purpose.
  • If for the piles the role of the formwork is played by the walls of the well, then for the tape a rigid formwork is constructed from wooden shields with a reliable system of spacers.
  • When constructing a reinforced frame, it is necessary to take care of strengthening the structure in weak points - corners and places of abutment of partitions. In these places, the reinforcing rods are laid with an overlap of at least 1 m. This will ensure the strength of the structure. The reinforcement of the concrete tape is also carried out with the help of rods of a larger section.
  • After installing the reinforced frame, concreting is carried out. For this, it is better to use factory concrete, containing additives and plasticizers for a quick set of strength.
  • After concreting, the entire surface of the grillage is covered with plastic wrap until the concrete dries.

In summer, in hot weather, the surface of the grillage is watered to avoid cracks. After a few months, the base will fully gain its design strength, after which it is allowed to proceed with the construction of load-bearing walls.

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