Pile-driven concrete Foundation

The foundation is the foundation of any structure. He must be RELIABLE!

There are different types of foundations. But, among all, the pile-driven foundation stands out. And it's not just that. Let's see why.

In the past 10 years, pile foundations are gaining more and more popularity. This is due to several factors: quick installation, applicability on most soils, all seasonality, cost, high strength.

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Quick installation of the foundation

By this criterion, the reinforced concrete pile foundation is the leader. For 1 shift (1 working day), you can mount up to 50 piles. This number of piles is enough for a 10x10 house.

Applicability on different types of soil

Sandy soils, clay, loam. A pile foundation is perfect everywhere. Before starting work, geological surveys are carried out. With the help of this, the type of soil and the required length are determined, as well as the cross-section of the piles.

All seasonality of installation

Pile foundations are installed at any time of the year. There are no seasonal restrictions. And this is a huge plus, especially in winter.


Let's take an 8x8 house as an example. The total cost of the pile-driven reinforced concrete foundation with installation for this structure will be 125,000 rubles. For example, a standard strip foundation will cost 165,000 rubles. Savings on the face. And this is without loss of quality!

High reliability, strength and durability

The high strength of reinforced concrete piles allows to withstand the load on the 1st pile up to 18 tons. And the fact that the pile is reinforced and reinforced concrete allows it to maintain its strength for a very long time.

Piles differ in height and section. Sizes 150x150x3, 150x150x4, 200x200x3, 200x200x4.

Our company is actively promoting this type of foundation in the market.

The main reasons for this are: the high strength of the foundations obtained, the possibility of building a foundation in areas with difficult terrain, an affordable price that reduces the total cost of the building, and a decrease in the time spent on building a house.

We provide a 10-year guarantee on the foundation installed with our piles!

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