Pile-screw Foundation. The pros and cons.

Fast . Qualitatively . Practical . Everything is seasonal . Inexpensive . Here are the main messages regarding this type of foundation. And it is true. This foundation technology, in our country, has been actively used for a long time. About 15 years old.

I must admit, she has proven herself very worthy. The area of ​​application of pile-screw foundations in construction is very extensive. Foundations on water, foundations on complex soils with a high groundwater occurrence (top water), foundations on clay or loam, foundations on sandy soils. A pile-screw foundation can be used almost everywhere.

Let's start with the pros

Quick installation of the pile-screw foundation

In this category, the pile foundation is the leader. For example, a house of 100 squares.

This foundation can be installed in 1 working day. And at the same time, the very next day to start assembling the house kit.

And, for example, any concrete foundation will take at least 1 month! There are different mounting methods. Manual and mechanical. Manual is considered more acceptable. The way it turns out more accurately. On the other hand, the mechanical method is faster. And if you have a normal soil, without large stones and large roots, it is quite acceptable.

Screw pile quality

At the moment, there are a lot of offers on the market. Many companies are engaged in the production and installation of pile foundations. But not all of them can do it efficiently. There are many moments. Starting from the production of the piles themselves and ending with installation.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right contractor. In the production of screw piles, it is necessary to use high-quality structural carbon steel grade St20ps.

Screw piles are of several types.

Differ: diameter, wall thickness and blade diameter, height.

The most popular is the 108th pile (108x4x2500). The 102nd pile (102x6.5x2500) and the 133rd (133x4.5x2500) "reinforced" pile are also used. The pile height can be up to 10 meters.

The main thing to understand is that the pile-screw foundation is applicable for relatively light structures. Such as: frame houses, houses from a bar with a section of up to 190 mm, houses from rounded logs with a diameter of up to 260 mm.

Each pile is coated with a special anti-corrosion compound. High-quality sand concrete of the M300 brand is poured inside, which ensures a long service life - more than 15 years.


As already mentioned, the pile-screw foundation is practically applicable on any soil. It is able to withstand the required load, the main thing is to correctly design the pile field for the future house.

The cost of the pile foundation is the lowest in relation to analogs. And the service life is sufficient for the normal operation of the building for a long time.

All seasonality

This is another indisputable plus of this technology. Installation of the pile-screw foundation is possible at any time of the year without loss of quality.

For this reason, this foundation is often installed in the winter. So, as at high subzero temperatures, the construction of reinforced concrete foundations without additional costs for heating is impossible.

Affordable price

This is the most budgetary type of foundation. For example, let's take a standard house (five-walled) of 100 squares.

The cost of the pile-screw foundation will be 95,000 rubles (this is already with installation). And, for example, a strip shallowly buried foundation will cost 175,000 rubles. As you can see, the difference is almost 2 times.

And now about the cons

Of course. Absolutely any technology has its pluses, but also minuses. And the pile foundation is no exception.

The main disadvantage is the service life. Reinforced concrete foundations are certainly more expensive, but they are more durable in most cases. The pile foundation is susceptible to corrosion. Despite the anti-corrosion treatment of the piles.

The second important point. Correct design of the pile field and calculation of loads. There are a lot of mistakes happening here too.

The distance between the piles should not exceed 2.5 meters.

Generally speaking, the pile-screw foundation is excellent for suburban construction.

Our company "Vitoslavitsa" actively uses the pile-screw foundation in the construction of houses.

And we are confident in its reliability. Since in our work only high-quality prefabricated piles are used and the correct design of the pile field is made based on the loads and structural features of the structure.

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