Our advantages

Ecology . The ecological balance of a tree could not be surpassed by any building material. This is mainly due to the constant renewal of wood, because cleaning it minimally affects the environment. To date, there is no other material that combines environmental friendliness, manufacturability and meets all the technical requirements of modern construction.

Rugged construction . Huge temperature changes or soil fluctuations will not be able to cause significant structural damage. Due to the elasticity of all joints, the resistance to shock and tensile loads is huge, the wooden structure will not crack. A solid stone structure, in turn, gives cracks even with minimal soil vibrations.

Non-flammable . Turnkey modern wooden houses are as safe and reliable as brick houses. Special refractory compounds that impregnate a tree turn it into a completely non-combustible material, antiseptics repel insects and prevent the formation of fungus and mold.

Relevance . It is impossible not to do without such an advantage of wooden houses as their constant relevance. A wooden dwelling will never go out of fashion, because natural materials have always been valued in a special way. Our site contains projects of wooden houses of any complexity from the Vitoslavitsa company. Now it is already impossible to imagine a country house without the use of environmentally friendly materials.

At the psychological level . Wooden houses have a very positive effect on our psyche. The natural wood pattern is pleasing to the eye, a wonderful natural aroma is able to greatly improve the mood. In addition, natural wood improves the microclimate, neutralizes harmful substances from the air. It is not in vain that many people choose a tree when building their house, cottage or bathhouse - this material exudes natural energy, which makes a person feel comfortable

Wellness effect . Wood has the ability to regulate humidity. The material takes steam from the air and drains it.
The tree has an unsurpassed property - the neutralization of toxins that are contained in room air. Given that the environmental situation is constantly getting worse, this is a very significant plus of a wooden house.
For allergy sufferers, the benefits of wooden houses will also be very tangible. Due to the fact that the walls do not attract dust, room air is noticeably cleaned.

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