Our mission

“There is no nicer place than your home,” said Cicero. In the modern interpretation, this phrase would sound like this: no one is sweeter than his own (especially when compared with a cramped apartment). For many centuries, natural wood was considered the best material for building a house. Consider its advantages on the example of profiled timber:

  • The pine tree massif retains the whole gamut of beneficial properties (first of all, volatile phytoncides, which kill harmful bacteria in the house); 
  • The absence of adhesives, respectively, additional chemistry in the house (this is an ideal atmosphere for allergy sufferers); 
  • The relative cost-effectiveness of the whole structure as a whole (due to the lack of the need for finishing work and wall heating);
  • The manufacturing cycle of profiled timber in the production excludes its further development at the facility; 
  • The walls of the profiled beam breathe and support the natural circulation of air.

Our main mission is to preserve and enhance the traditions of Russian wooden architecture. At the same time, we understand that modern technologies in construction can significantly reduce the cost of the process, make it more manageable, and the end result is better. Therefore, we use not only the old Russian traditions tested over the centuries, but also the technologies of the 21st century.

Traditions of wooden architecture

Russia is famous for its forests, especially northern and taiga. Traditionally, our ancestors built houses from the winter forest so that the material had fewer cracks during shrinkage. Coniferous trees were the most demanded material, because due to the resinous nature of the wood, future buildings are ideally protected from decay. Centuries passed, and the selected pine of the northern forests remained the most optimal solution for construction. In addition to materials, other traditions are also present in our work:

  • We use the traditional assembly of houses “without a single nail” (a bar in the wall is fastened to wooden pins, which are also called “wooden nails”); 
  • We still use tools that have been tested for centuries by our ancestors, for example, an ax, a brace, a plumb or a hammer;
  • We brace the first and last crown so that the overall design has greater strength.

We harmoniously combine all these techniques with the latest technologies.

Modern technologies

  • The use of profiled timber, the texture of which itself has a good aesthetics (does not require additional sheathing), which reduces the estimate; 
  • Installation of interventional insulation in the "bed" of the beam gives an increase in heat saving at home (does not require constant caulking of walls); 
  • Use instead of moss more aesthetic flax jute fiber;
  • Processing the lower crowns and genital lags with modern fire, bio and moisture protective materials; 
  • Competent and scrupulous architectural and working documentation;
  • The use of a chamber-drying beam, which has fewer cracks and makes it possible to start decorating almost immediately.

Our projects

Separately, it is worth mentioning about our projects of houses and baths. Their main advantage is a perfectly thought-out ergonomics of the interior space, a convenient layout and an ideal combination of price, reliability and quality. All projects are accompanied by carefully developed and agreed documentation, which allows you to quickly begin construction.

Our advantages

  • High business reputation and positive feedback from numerous customers.
  • Thorough quality control, which is carried out at all stages of the construction of buildings, starting from the development of project documentation and ending with construction.
  • Compulsory guarantee for all facilities under construction.
  • Lack of advance payment and convenient system of payment for our services.
  • All specialists of the company are the best graduates of construction and architectural universities of the country.
  • Unique and high-quality solutions in the spirit of traditional Russian traditions. 

Unique and high-quality solutions in the spirit of Russian traditions - this is our profile!

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