Frame houses

  • Размеры 6,2 х 8,1 м
    Площадь 80.04 м2
    18 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,15 x 7,15 м
    Площадь 72.07 м2
    20 700 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 10.9 х 5.8 м
    Площадь 78.8 м2
    21 200 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 11 х 7.5 м
    Площадь 89 м2
    22 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8 х 9.5 м
    Площадь 59.6 м2
    23 400 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 6 х 11 м
    Площадь 89.5 м2
    23 400 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,8 x 7,8 м
    Площадь 83.4 м2
    23 600 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,9 х 9,2 м
    Площадь 82 м2
    24 200 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7 x 7,9 м
    Площадь 80.78 м2
    24 200 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8,0 х 11,0 м
    Площадь 100.2 м2
    25 400 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 10,2 x 13,0 м
    Площадь 90.97 м2
    25 500 EUR
    Popular project

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The relatively new direction in construction in Russia actually has a long history. For the first time, frame houses began to be assembled in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century, but the technology was still far from perfect. For several hundred years, it has changed significantly and spread throughout Europe, the American continent, and reached Russia. Today, the construction of frame houses is a popular area that allows you to build your own home in record time.

The specialists of the Vitoslavitsa company were among the first to study the features of the construction of frame buildings and began to put their knowledge into practice. Now we have already completed many completed projects with a typical and individual design, and we are confident that we can fulfill the dream of any client.

The benefits of building a turnkey frame house

The popularity of the construction of turnkey frame houses is due to the many advantages over buildings made of other materials:

  • High speed of construction;
  • Budget pricing;
  • Excellent performance
  • Ecological cleanliness of the building.

Such structures combine the advantages of building from a wooden log house or timber, ease of work and low cost of materials, since their processing does not require significant effort. In addition, one house without restoration and with proper care is able to serve its owner for at least 70 years.

Construction sequence

The technology of building a cottage from a frame consists of several stages, performed in sequence. Violating this chain is unacceptable, as the reliability of the structure will suffer. Following strictly established rules, you can realize a dream of any scale and complexity.


The easiest and cheapest way is to build a turnkey frame house according to a standard project. Such a solution will allow to begin construction as soon as possible, since all the documentation is already available - all that remains is to conduct a study of the area and make small adjustments if necessary.

For customers who prefer originality in everything, we offer to order the construction of a turnkey frame house on an individual project. The approach is most effective in cases where the customer does not just want his own housing, but can draw it in his imagination - he has already come up with the layout of the rooms and their application.

The design result will be a folder with a set of documents regulating all stages of construction:

  • Features of the soil and the type of foundation being built;
  • Materials selected for construction;
  • The nuances of the construction;
  • Detailed drawing of all objects.

Also in the design solution are footnotes with special wishes of customers, which the builders take into account when building the building. At the end of the development of documentation, only minor changes are permissible; significant adjustments can adversely affect the strength of the entire structure.


Some customers come to us with ready-made design solutions that can only be implemented. We consider such a decision to be inadvisable, because we are not confident in the professionalism of third-party architects and designers. Practice shows that over 15,000 rubles can be spent on the development of documentation for a house from a frame.

The specialists of Vitoslavitsa offer to abandon this idea and immediately turn to professionals, because in our country the development of the project is already included in the cost of construction.


Frame houses have a lightweight structure, so they are installed on the appropriate foundation. Depending on the characteristics of the soil, choose a tape or pile-screw base. Both options do not require shrinkage, so the construction can be continued immediately after the flooring of the insulation and waterproofing layer.


The kit for the construction of a modern frame house does not involve large-scale work on the cutting of individual elements, since all of them are delivered ready-made. The construction team can only assemble this large designer in the correct sequence to ensure good rigidity of the building. First, external walls are lined up, floor logs are laid, floors will be completed, and only then interior walls will be drawn up.


Particular attention is paid to the roof, since the insulating layers are laid directly during construction. Waterproofing protects the tree from the negative effects of moisture, vapor barrier prevents the occurrence of fungus and decay, and thermal insulation helps to keep warm in the house. The roof is laid immediately, because the low weight of the house does not lead to significant shrinkage and does not require adjustment.


When the base of the house is completed, wall insulation, external and internal cladding are performed. The choice of materials largely depends on the individual preferences of the customer, but we recommend that weather conditions be not neglected. The Moscow region has rather severe winters, so the external finish with facing bricks or other material with similar properties will not be superfluous.


Turnkey frame houses, like any modern buildings, are equipped with all amenities, so communications are an integral part of construction. It is carried out before installation of window and door openings to exclude accidental scratches and other damages.

When communications are laid, there are only a few days left until the construction is completed - it is necessary to install doors, windows, arrange cornices and drains. After that, only the interior decoration is performed at the request of the client.

What is the price of a frame house

To understand how the cost of building a turnkey frame house will change, depending on the wishes of the customer, it is enough to find out the basic parameters of pricing:

  • The architectural solution. It includes the development of the project and depends on its complexity. The minimum price for this stage is incorporated in standard buildings, since all the documentation has already been prepared and the corresponding calculations have been carried out.
  • Construction works. It includes not only the human hours of the working team, but also such features as the operation of equipment and even the rental of special equipment. For example, in some areas there is no access to electricity, so you have to take a portable electric generator with you.
  • Selected materials. About a third of the project cost is high-quality lumber, which forms the basis of the house and serves as a guarantee of its reliability. Another 40% goes to insulation and roofing, that is, to create a warm and cozy turnkey frame house. The remaining amount includes the cost of finishing materials.

Vitoslavitsa is one of the few companies that works without intermediaries, so we are ready to offer customers the lowest prices for raw materials for construction. Moreover, all materials will be only of the highest quality.

How to try to reduce costs

We adhere to a tough position to reduce costs, because any of the many possible ways adversely affects the reliability of the frame cottage. Among the standard methods of reducing the price of a project, the most popular are:

  • Self design. And also the involvement of third-party designers and architects. An independent method can really turn out to be effective, but only if the customer has a specialized education, relevant experience and he is confident in his abilities. Hiring outsiders is unlikely to cost less than the services offered by Vitoslavitsa specialists.
  • Self assembly. Some customers turn to us only to order materials for construction, and they plan to build the house themselves. Of course, if you have your own team and, again, experience, there will be no problems. However, if you plan to be guided by the Internet, then it is better to abandon the venture, since many nuances will not be taken into account.
  • Inexperienced or illegal builders. The work of a team of professionals is more expensive than newcomers, and this is not surprising. The builders of Vitoslavitsa know many of the “pitfalls” of building a frame house, they work quickly and smoothly, and do not need constant monitoring. Mistakes made during the assembly of the frame will lead to the fact that the building simply collapses, unable to withstand the load. Housing will turn out with low performance, and its energy efficiency will be completely absent.

In other words, trying to save on the construction of a frame house, there is a real chance of achieving the exact opposite result. For this reason, we recommend our customers to trust the experience of professionals, as our finished projects already include the lowest prices and optimal price / quality solutions.

Why us

A turnkey high-quality frame house is a building that will last its owner for many decades. We guarantee the construction of just such buildings and we can confirm our competence with many ready-made projects.

Our experts accompany the project until its completion. With us, the client does not need to look for individual construction or work crews to complete the decoration of the premises or adjust any nuances. We are ready to listen to and realize all the wishes of the customer, if it is possible to do this without loss of reliability and stability of the frame house.

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