Half-timbered houses

  • Размеры 9.2 x 14 м
    Площадь 177 м2
    20 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 11.2 x 11.2 м
    Площадь 165 м2
    22 000 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 12.75 x 17.4 м
    Площадь 205 м2
    22 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 12 x 8 м
    Площадь 180.8 м2
    23 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8.8 x 11.2 м
    Площадь 178.7 м2
    25 600 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 9.5 x 12.7 м
    Площадь 191 м2
    26 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 13.7 x 13 м
    Площадь 233 м2
    27 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 10.2 x 10.5 м
    Площадь 201 м2
    27 600 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 15.5 x 17.2 м
    Площадь 226 м2
    34 200 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 13.2 x 16.7 м
    Площадь 364 м2
    46 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 29.7 x 33 м
    Площадь 784 м2
    104 900 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 32 x 34.7 м
    Площадь 868 м2
    114 300 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 36.3 x 37.4 м
    Площадь 1240 м2
    172 500 EUR
    Popular project

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    One of the types of frame construction that can be easily recognized by its characteristic signs is half-timbered houses. These are harmonious, combining wood, stone and glass structures, with a visible frame. A special technology has been used since the Middle Ages, now the construction of a half-timbered house in Moscow and the Moscow Region is the creation of popular and affordable housing.

    Advantages of half-timbered houses

    Unlike traditional frame houses, in the fachwerk technology, any materials are used to fill the wall space between the frame - adobe, brick, moisture-resistant boards, and even glass. As a result, houses have significant advantages:

    • Durability - a frame made of glued beams, which takes up the entire load, and strong walls provide a long service life of several hundred years.
    • Environmental friendliness - the use of only natural materials makes such a home absolutely safe.
    • A peculiar architectural style - such houses differ from others in a special style and aesthetics.
    • Unlimited planning possibilities - due to the fact that the entire bearing load falls on the frame of the building, the walls can be safely transferred.
    • The absence of shrinkage due to the light weight of the structure, which allows you to immediately begin finishing work.
    • Speed ​​of construction - on average for half a year you can get a turnkey house, and regardless of the season.
    Quality half-timbered houses
    Half-timbered house projects

    Given the ability to combine various materials when forming walls, it is possible to achieve a small weight at home, and significant savings on the foundation.

    Construction stages

    The process of building a house, as in the construction of any other buildings, begins with design. At this stage, you need to choose the option you like from the catalog of finished projects or order the creation of an individual one. Half-timbered houses have a certain construction technology, so only an experienced designer can correctly calculate and arrange frame joints.

    Creating a project is a complex responsible work that begins with studying the characteristics of the soil on the site and ends with the creation of drawings, so the service is not cheap. But, ordering a turnkey house in our company, you do not have to pay for an expensive project, because everything is already included.


    Having a finished house project, construction work on the site begins with the formation of the foundation. Under the half-timbered technology house there is no need to fill in a reinforced foundation, a tape shallow or in-depth is quite enough. The exception is projects when walls are built from heavy materials.

    Not only the weight of the building affects the choice of foundation, but also the composition of the soil, the level of groundwater and many other factors that are taken into account at the design stage.


    A prerequisite for the construction of half-timbered houses is a completely wooden frame, accordingly, huge requirements are imposed on it:

    • High quality glued beams are mainly used;
    • the material is subjected to special treatment by impregnation, for resistance to moisture;
    • special attention requires the reliability of the joining of beams.
    Half-timbered houses in Moscow and the Moscow region
    Construction of half-timbered houses

    The result is a light but very durable frame. In addition to the supporting function, here it is also a decorative element, therefore it is important to carry out all fastenings on invisible areas.


    The construction of houses allows the use of gable or single-pitch roofing options. Basically choose a gable roof made of metal or soft roof.

    Fachwerk houses tend to have wide overhangs that protect the house from excessive abundance of sunlight and rain.


    Various materials are used to fill the gaps between the beams of the frame, but preference is given to slab - cement-bonded particle boards on the outside and sheets of drywall or gypsum fiber inside. Panoramic double-glazed windows as wall material are very popular.

    Wall cladding on the outside can be done with any materials, depending on the style and design project, for example, plaster or imitation of timber.

    Despite the open frame and large glass areas, utilities are easily arranged in the cavity of the floor or walls. It remains to complete the finishing work, arrange the interior and landscaping.

    Do not repeat other people's mistakes

    Quite naturally, the customer’s desire to save during the construction process. But there are stages at which it is not only impractical, but also dangerous. Basic work such as creating a project, laying the foundation, erecting a frame, and in half-timbered houses it is a supporting element, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

    • It is possible and even necessary to save money by cooperating with companies working without intermediaries. So, for this reason, Vitoslavitsa has some of the lowest prices for materials.
    • Save your time and nerves by signing a turnkey home construction contract. Our qualified staff will perform at the highest level all the work from the project to the finish.

    An increasing number of people decide to build a half-timbered house for their family. This is understandable, such housing meets all the requirements of a modern person. The cost of all services is included in the finished projects of our company, so there will be no surprises, just choose the right option for your budget.

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