Glulam houses

  • Размеры 12 х 10.5 м
    Площадь 102.5 м2
    27 200 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 6,2 х 8,1 м
    Площадь 80.04 м2
    32 000 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 11 х 7.5 м
    Площадь 89 м2
    33 000 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 9,0 х 16,0 м
    Площадь 128.9 м2
    33 400 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,15 x 7,15 м
    Площадь 72.07 м2
    34 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7 x 8 м
    Площадь 99.6 м2
    34 900 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8,0 х 11,0 м
    Площадь 100.2 м2
    36 700 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8,2 x 8,9 м
    Площадь 98.9 м2
    37 700 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 10.7 х 14.9 м
    Площадь 129 м2
    37 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8,0 x 8,5 м
    Площадь 96.22 м2
    38 300 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 9,3 х 8,9 м
    Площадь 113.9 м2
    39 900 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 10.5 х 9 м
    Площадь 113.2 м2
    39 900 EUR
    Popular project

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Glued beam houses are a modern direction in construction, based on the creation of environmentally friendly housing with an aesthetic appearance in a short time. The Vitoslavitsa company has been developing and implementing projects of glued beam houses for more than 10 years, so we are ready to offer our customers a wide range of standard projects, as well as an individual approach to the construction of housing.

The advantages of glued beams

The choice of material for building a house is a responsible task, because the main operational characteristics of the building will depend on this. The tree has been proving its reliability for hundreds of years, so its popularity does not fall over time, but only grows. This is largely due to new methods of wood processing. Houses made of glued beams have a lot of advantages compared to other wooden buildings and buildings made of other materials.

  • The processed timber holds its shape well, therefore, the dimensions of the building do not change over time, it does not “move out” to the side.
  • The slats are laid in such a way as to minimize the risk of cracking.
  • A low thermal conductivity can significantly save money on heating in the cold season, and on the air conditioner - in the summer.
  • The timber retains all the advantages of wood; therefore, it creates a unique microclimate inside the building, which has a beneficial effect on the health of residents.
  • A special processing method has a positive effect on the durability of a glued beam cottage - the minimum service life without the need for restoration is 60 years.

The strict geometric shape of the individual elements guarantees an aesthetic appearance, which, if necessary, can be improved by trim elements.

How to choose a house

The project of the house from glued beams 'Ulyanovsk'
The project of the house from glued beams 'Sochi'

The construction of houses from glued beams begins with the choice of the project - and this is the most difficult stage for the customer, because it is necessary to determine the design of the home that will serve the family for decades. To ensure that the area of ​​the building is optimal, and its internal layout meets the needs of the family, it is necessary to take into account such features as:

  • The number of residents in the house;
  • Geometry of the site;
  • Permanent or seasonal residence;
  • Number of floors and design.

The design of the guest rooms and the attic, where the children love to play so much, and the whole family will be able to gather for spending time together in the long evenings, will also be good.


Vitoslavitsa offers its customers many finished projects of glued beam houses - this is the best solution for reasons of price, since the finished documentation does not require additional financial costs. A typical house can be slightly edited at the request of the client and in accordance with the landscape.

If you want a cottage made of glued beams with a unique design, then there will be a large-scale work with a designer and architect before the dream house will be realized on paper and in a 3D visualizer.

Construction stages

After choosing a design solution and developing the necessary documentation, the foundation is poured. It can be lightweight or massive, depending on the design features of the building.

Then the box is assembled, interfloor and interior floors are erected, and the roof is installed. At the last stage, the workers lay communications and begin finishing work at the request of the customer. This can be grinding, varnishing, staining and other finishing methods.

As a result, the customer is given a turnkey wooden house made of glued laminated veneer lumber - all that remains is to choose the furniture and create home comfort.


The time required for the implementation of a cottage made of glued beams depends on the features of the selected project. Miniature houses for seasonal residence are built in 2-3 weeks. It may take up to six months to create a large-scale housing for a large family. Vitoslavitsa’s specialists are doing everything possible so that the client can move into the new house as soon as possible, but the quality of construction is of key importance.

Reasons to order a house from a bar with us

There are dozens of construction companies in Moscow and the Moscow Region who are ready to offer their services to private clients, but only we offer cooperation on conditions favorable to the client:

  • Large selection of standard projects;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Full construction support - from the creation of the project to the final finish;
  • Low prices due to the presence of our own modern production in the city of Vologda;
  • High quality work;
  • Mandatory warranty of 15 years.

We have been working in the market for the construction of glued-beam cottages for several years, and in confirmation of the team’s high professionalism, there have been many positive reviews from grateful customers whose dreams we have already realized. With us, you can not worry that something will go wrong, because our main task is not just to build a house, but to realize the cherished desire of the customer about his own cottage.

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