Timber houses

  • Размеры 11 х 7.5 м
    Площадь 89 м2
    12 900 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,9 х 9,2 м
    Площадь 82 м2
    13 000 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 6,2 х 8,1 м
    Площадь 80.04 м2
    13 200 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,15 x 7,15 м
    Площадь 72.07 м2
    13 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7 x 7,9 м
    Площадь 80.78 м2
    14 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7 x 8 м
    Площадь 99.6 м2
    14 400 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,8 x 7,8 м
    Площадь 83.4 м2
    14 600 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8,25 х 11,0 м
    Площадь 111.3 м2
    14 700 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8.6 х 7 м
    Площадь 96.88 м2
    14 900 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8 х 12 м
    Площадь 82.9 м2
    15 300 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8,0 х 11,0 м
    Площадь 100.2 м2
    15 300 EUR
    Popular project

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Recently, private construction in Moscow and the Moscow Region has focused on the construction of environmentally friendly buildings in a short period of time. In this regard, houses made of timber began to be very popular, as they have many advantages compared to structures made of other materials and are easy to erect.

The Vitoslavitsa company offers customers to order a turnkey timber house inexpensively for a typical or unique project. We have only an individual approach to each customer, so customers can be sure that we will hear and realize all the wishes for a future home.

Advantages of timber houses

The project of the house from a bar 'Smolensk'
The project of the house from a bar 'Pereslavl'

Compared with other materials for the construction of buildings, a wooden beam has many advantages:

  • Low cost. Wood processing is performed automatically, therefore, it is carried out quickly and with the preservation of quality characteristics. In addition, we have our own modern production in the Vologda Oblast. That is why we offer our customers timber at a price without a premium from an intermediary.
  • Ecological cleanliness. Turnkey log houses are built from natural material, which not only does not harm health, but also creates a unique microclimate that has a beneficial effect on well-being.
  • The speed of construction. The geometrically correct shape of the processed wood allows the construction team to fold the house like a large designer in a matter of weeks or even days, depending on the size of the project.
  • Savings on decoration. Houses made of timber can be decorated with cladding, however, the tree itself looks noble and harmonious, therefore, large-scale finishing work inside the finished building is not required.
  • Good indicator of thermal insulation. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the tree in wooden houses made of timber, the temperature is comfortable - they keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which helps to save on electrical appliances for temperature correction in the room.
  • Savings on the foundation. The construction of brick and stone structures requires the filling of a massive foundation, its drying and shrinkage, which takes up to 3 months. Due to the low weight of the tree, you can stop the choice on a lighter base, the installation of which is not associated with a long break in construction.

Stages and construction technology

The project of a house from a bar 'Saratov'
The project of the house from a bar 'Orenburg'

The construction of houses from turnkey timber in a short time is possible thanks to a clear scheme of work:

  • First, a project is approved, which then regulates all activities at the construction site;
  • Next, the foundation is installed;
  • The first crown is a crucial stage, so it takes more time than laying the remaining levels;
  • Then the beam is stacked in rows, according to the project, in parallel, the floor, interior and floor floors are performed;
  • At the end of construction, a roof is mounted.

Windows and doors are inserted as the first element of the finishing work. By an additional agreement, Vitoslavitsy specialists can arrange the interior and exterior of the house in accordance with the decisions selected and approved by the customer with the support of the designer.

Prices and designs of timber houses in the Moscow region

The construction of houses from timber in Moscow can hit the budget badly if you do not approach the issue thoroughly. Pricing depends on many parameters:

  • Material quality;
  • Provider;
  • Scope of the project;
  • Professionalism of the construction team.

Trying to save money, some people hire workers for a low price, but as a result, the finished building is unreliable and unsuitable for housing. We offer our customers the services of only professional specialists who work with high-quality timber. If a defect is found in the delivery from the factory, it will be excluded, so the reliability of the housing will not be affected.

With us, each client can be sure that we will build a turnkey timber house inexpensively and in accordance with construction standards that ensure the long operation of the building without the need for restoration.

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