Бани из бревна и бруса

  • Размеры 7 х 8 м
    Площадь 46.4 м2
    10 300 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 5.5 х 12.2 м
    Площадь 49.4 м2
    11 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8.6 х 8 м
    Площадь 56.1 м2
    12 000 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8 х 10 м
    Площадь 60.8 м2
    13 000 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8.1 х 8.1 м
    Площадь 58.4 м2
    13 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 12.2 х 5.5 м
    Площадь 59 м2
    13 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 9 х 12 м
    Площадь 64.7 м2
    14 200 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8.6 х 12 м
    Площадь 63.6 м2
    14 300 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 9.2 х 9.5 м
    Площадь 74 м2
    14 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8,5 х 6,2 м
    Площадь 75 м2
    14 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8.6 х 9.1 м
    Площадь 67.1 м2
    15 100 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,5 x 9,5 м
    Площадь 100.59 м2
    16 000 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 8 х 8 м
    Площадь 80.1 м2
    16 500 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 6 х 9 м
    Площадь 44.9 м2
    19 400 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 7,84 x 15,76 м
    Площадь 94.64 м2
    20 400 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 9,65 x 11,29 м
    Площадь 127.49 м2
    20 800 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 11.9 х 16.2 м
    Площадь 133 м2
    22 500 EUR
    Popular project
  • Размеры 9,5 x 14,95 м
    Площадь 118.9 м2
    23 500 EUR
    Popular project

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A traditional Russian bath is something without which it is impossible to imagine a summer cottage. In such a room you can not only wash and improve your health, but also have fun with family and friends. That is why the construction of a turnkey bath for many years remains the leading direction in the construction of private buildings.

In Vitoslavitsa you can order the construction of a whole bath complex or a compact bathhouse for a small plot. Our experts have extensive experience and erect structures of any complexity and scale. We are ready to offer original solutions that harmoniously fit into the overall design of the site, and at the same time will be of high quality.

The technology of building a bath from a profiled beam

Profiled timber is considered the best modern material for building a turnkey bath in the Moscow region, as it has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • Low cost due to factory rather than manual processing;
  • The correct geometry, which guarantees an aesthetic appearance and ease of decoration;
  • Preservation of quality characteristics of wood;
  • Different diameter of the section, which allows you to build warmer buildings in the northern regions of the region and lightweight in the southern;
  • High quality workmanship using modern technology.

Light weight and geometrically correct shape greatly facilitate and speed up the installation process, so small-scale projects are implemented in a matter of days. The construction process itself is carried out in stages.


Vitoslavitsa is ready to offer its customers a large selection of ready-made design solutions for the construction of a turnkey bath inexpensively. This will significantly reduce the preparation time for construction, since all the documentation already exists, and materials of standard format are used for implementation, so you do not need to wait until they are completed to order.

If you want to build a full-fledged bath complex, then this is done with the close cooperation of the customer, designer and architect - only a building is created together that will fully satisfy the needs of the client and will be executed correctly from an architectural point of view.


To build a turnkey bath inexpensively in the Moscow region, a pile-screw, support-columnar or strip foundation is enough. Such a decision will allow the construction to continue, without waiting for the moment when the base shrinks.

In cases of construction of large-scale bath complexes, a serious foundation may be needed - in this situation, a break is made in the construction so that the base undergoes shrinkage and the building eventually turns out to be solid and reliable.


When the foundation is ready, the first crown is laid - this is a crucial moment, which takes a lot of time, since the geometric correctness of the entire building will depend on the quality of the first row. Then the walls quickly grow crown by crown to the roof.

Popular projects of inexpensive bathhouses include an attic - this allows you to acquire an additional relaxation room in which you can sit or lie down after the heat of the steam room.


It is carried out after roofing and includes the following list of works:

  • Laying the final floor;
  • Floor and roof insulation;
  • The construction of stairs if necessary;
  • Lining;
  • Installation of doors and windows.

At the request of the client, any other work can be performed to create a special design of the interior of the bathhouse.

How much does a bathhouse made of timber or turnkey logs cost?

When choosing a standard project, you can order a turnkey bath inexpensively, since the cost of creating new sketches, calculations, selecting materials, as well as the complexity factor are excluded from the cost.

If there is a desire to work out an individual project, the final price will consist of many components, such as the scale of the building, the selected materials, the complexity of the construction, etc. The approximate cost is announced after the description of the idea, and the exact one becomes known when the structure appears on paper in the form of an official project.

Why exactly us?

When ordering a bath at Vitoslavitsa, each client can count on a respectful attitude and an individual approach. We have real professionals working in our field who undertake both the implementation of small projects and the implementation of completely new unique and large-scale ideas.

We have been working on the construction market for about 10 years and have hundreds of ready-made projects - each satisfied client increases confidence in us, and we, in turn, try to fulfill all the wishes of customers for the nuances of construction. With us you can be sure that the turnkey log sauna will satisfy all quality standards and will last for many decades.

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